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Kūkupa Holographic Sticker

Kūkupa Holographic Sticker

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The Kūkupa (Northern dialects) or Kererū, are a large iridescent green/copper and white bush pigeon native to Aotearoa.

Our Kūkupa design reveals a distinctive white chest weaving the treetops of an ancient ngahere (forest). This manu (bird) is prized for its role as kaitiaki in the dispersal of seeds and so is a symbol of guardianship, abundance and a link to generations passed.

Holographic stickers flash the colours of the rainbow when they catch the light. Make a statement on your laptop or car.


  • 103mm x 127mm
  • Holographic vinyl sticker.
  • Matte finish gives a premium look and feel.
  • Thick, durable vinyl protects from scratches, water and sunlight.
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